Health information - med help forums health tools health information experts my medhelp gastroenterology community slow stomach empty (gastropresis) post a question << back to community by sonny09 | apr 23, 2009 11 comments slow stomach empty (gastropresis) i've been diagnosed with slow process of stomach to digest food. Anytime i eat a meal it takes 23 hours to digest my food regardless of if i eat less or more. viagra wholesale Medication doesn't help and makes me crappy. Need to know if there is anything out there to cure this. Watch this discussion tweet related discussions diagnosed with slow emptying of stomach (7 replies):i was recently diagnosed with slow emptying of the stoma... [more] nausea when hungry (3 replies):hi, for about the past 4 years, i have suffered from... viagra triangle in chicago map [more] gastroparesis (96 replies):hi,i have posted here in the past and appreciate you ser... [more] gastroparesis (30 replies):hi i'm a 40 year old who has just been diagnosed this... [more] gastroparesis (15 replies):i was recently diagnose with gastroparesis and i don't h... [more] 11 comments post a comment gnorb   apr 23, 2009 to: sonny09 that's a pretty open question. Chinese medicine practitioners claim that they have a fair amount of success with curing some types of gastroparesis, but a lot of it has to do with the reason for the condition. buy viagra without prescription Is there an underlying condition in your case? (diabetes is the most common, but there are others. viagra without a doctor prescription ) i have heard of a few successful cases of naturopaths working with the condition to improve it. My own condition was improved somewhat while seeing an acupuncturist, although due to my moving out of town my sessions had to stop. As far as western medicine is concerned, there's not really much that can be done. Medications like reglan and domperidone might be of use. men viagra effects on women (if you're already taking reglan and you're having side effects, ask about domperidone. ) the herb shatavari has been known to help, as has iberogast, i don't know how effective they would be considering the severity of your condition. men viagra effects on women Reply wanabb   apr 24, 2009 to: sonny09 hi, i have gastroparesis also, my doctor originally put my on reglan, which was horrible.. Now i am on domperidone, it's wonderfull, it took maybe a week to notice a big difference. The only problem is i have hypoglycemia also and if i take it three times a day it works too well and my bloodsugar bottoms out.   but i haven't had any side effects, the only problem is remembering to order more before i run out (you have to order from canada or a compunded pharmacy). Hope that helps.. Reply sonny09   apr 24, 2009 to: wanabb thanks for the feedback. I did try reglan and i felt sick with this medicine. viagra tadalafil 80mg I did not try  domperidone yet. How to order the medicine. Do we have it in us. So i don't have to go through canada. Advice. I also have gained weight with this problem. men viagra effects on women Reply sonny09   apr 24, 2009 to: gnorb thanks. cheap generic viagra generic viagra usa