Connective tissue/muscle pmid: 14530656 - view graph - methods: the multi-institutional registry of the japanese society for cancer of the colon and rectum offered 87,695 surgical cases with invasive adenocarcinoma during 1978 to 1997 for analysis pmid: 00644592 - view graph - consequently, diagnosis by the cytological method in cardinal cases of cancer of the colon and rectum experienced in 6-year period between 1969 and 1974 revealed favorable results pmid: 00644592 - view graph - when early cancer of the colon and rectum is defined as in early gastric cancer, 40 lesions in 36 patients were detected during the past 19 years pmid: 06094448 - view graph - seventy-seven patients had rectal cancer and 82 patients cancer of the colon; twenty-five patients had inflammatory bowel disease, and in 33 others disease such as polyposis was present pmid: 06301056 - view graph - the authors report the case of a 56 year-old woman presenting with dermatomyositis revealing a cancer of the colon at the ganglial dissemination stage pmid: 17354198 - view graph - introduction: epidemiological studies underline the fact that obesity represents a significant risk factor for the development of several cancers, one of which is cancer of the colon pmid: 00305116 - view graph - the sequential icq of individual patients strongly suggested that this information reflected the immunocompetence of patients with cancer of the colon. viagra canada overnight delivery generic viagra viagra cost Pmid: 03921098 - view graph - the incidence of recurrence of tumours was examined retrospectively in patients who had undergone potentially curative operations for cancer of the colon during 1970-81 pmid: 07064401 - view graph - the procedures for determining operative risk were developed on the basis of the data available on 280 cases of radical surgery for cancer of the colon pmid: 07065347 - view graph - however, in cancer of the colon metastasis in both the liver and the peritoneum was observed in 67 percent of the cases pmid: 07068040 - view graph - eight (16%) of the patients with cancer of the colon or rectum had a close relative with intestinal cancer compared with one (2%) of the control group pmid: 00960092 - view graph - at the same time, the prognosis of early cancer of the colon and rectum was studied by the use of the relative survival rate pmid: 07104616 - view graph - pati. best online pharmacy viagra viagra viagra reviews can you buy viagra online legally discount viagra lowest prices viagra cheap online viagra online without prescription